Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nor'easter (Haiku Northeast) and timeframes

THE NOR’EASTER (Haiku Northeast), print pub, editor Lawrence Rungren, 1 Tanglewood Way North, Andover, MA  01810, or email to
The Nor’easter may reply in up to half a year with a few more months passing before accepted poems are in print.  So, considering it all may be up to a year, why should I (we) like this publication?  Because I send my best-of-that-moment haiku/senryu and forget about it.  One or so of my poems might get accepted, and I, again, forget about it.  When least expected, an issue arrives!  8 or 10 or 12 pages with a few other poets and maybe a review or some such from/of people I usually haven’t heard of (and, of course, what and who I haven’t heard of could sink a continent) and my day fits so much better as I hold in my hands the latest unexpected issue of Nor’easter with one of my poems in it.  Nor is this timeframe uncommon, two among my many favorites, Lalitamba and California Quarterly, work within similar timeframes.   Here are some of mine from the pages of past and most recent issues of Nor'easter -

old poplar
   last to touch 
      evening light

so many glorious reds
so suddenly gone

backyard fences
   people I’ve
      never met

an uphill hike
the water in my bottle
chugging at my side

her eyes
as we kiss

(some years ago, trying to perceive all that was buried upon the desk, I unintentionally discarded an entire issue of bear creek haiku that I had yet to mail, and was/am without any record of that issue's poets/poems  - I did hear from two irate poets, who were/are also editors)

well, so it goes, and all suchnesses are embraced within love of poetry -

see you in a moment -

ayaz daryl nielsen 

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