Wednesday, December 26, 2012

eleven things about wet noodles that everyone should know:

eleven things about wet noodles that everyone should know:

    - a six-year-old nicknamed Chuck-a-muck often drapes wet noodles over his ears
                        (when his mother isn’t looking)

    - Chuck-a-muck’s sister Maria doesn’t drape wet noodles over her ears 

    - Thor didn’t eat wet noodles as a kid (Odin and Elvis did and still do)

    - every wet noodle is first cousin to all other wet noodles

    - wet noodles give boa hugs

    - dry noodles sometimes hesitate before accepting boa hugs from wet noodles (but 
      never regret it afterwards)

    - unintentionally stepping barefoot on a wet noodle means good luck

    - unintentionally stepping barefoot on several wet noodles means a gooey foot  
      (but in a between-the-toes goody sort of gooeyness) 

    - wet noodles are allies of wet beeps, drippy faucets and poets with writer’s bloc

    - wet noodles - so cool when hot! 

    - and hot because we’re always  so  cooooool!
    and we wet noodles (us) of every where/when/how/dampness thank you                                      
      for reading (and appreciating?) eleven things all should know about...   
                                                        wet noodles! 

see you in a moment -
ayaz daryl nielsen
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