Saturday, December 15, 2012

CQ, George Held, Jane Stuart and p l wick

Another print pub arrives after escaping my memory’s echoing mausoleum and is, as always, a welcome surprise:  California Quarterly, California State Poetry Society. Basics: SASE, no bios nor related such, also, poems on clean paper- do they, too, receive poetry from cab drivers? (if you haven’t, see post about Dave Church/Big Joe Mohr/false grace/et cetera), also, poems submitted have to be one’s own work (dammit, can’t one sorta plagiarize Jane Stuart, Don Wentworth, Alan Catlin, Peggy Dugan French, Cathy Porter, Margaret McGee, John Grey, George Held and/or p.l. wick (the versifier of bard creek valley)?  no! no, the prior statement is so much less than serious that I need to forthwith stress that the statement itself was flipant and facetius (although I can’t spell let alone pronounce either of word) - 

two of MY OWN original poems from California Quarterly:

ten years of
distant roads -
watching a

within sunset
a setting sun

within sunrise
a rising sun

*and here’s a new poem by George Held: 

Full Moon One Month after the Superstorm

Glorious Luna
and her trig escort
On a crisp
November night.

Even Sandy
Can’t take that
From we.
          George Held

*(an attempt at salvaging this blog post)

from Jane Stuart of Greenup, Kentucky  (Greenup, lovely name for a town, and!  beloved Aunt LaBelle lives in nearby Prestonburg, Kentucky, and!! my Aunt Clara Mae lives in nearby Ainsworth, Nebraska!! - LaBelle, Clara Mae - lovely names, lovely hearts!): 


Skies of golden stars -
spreading snowy clouds -
a rising red moon

On the rooftop now
the weight of a heavy sleigh
and flying reindeer

Through the roaring wind!
Over river, over trees,
into yesterday -
jingle, jangle, silver bells
and Happy Near Year!
                           Jane Stuart

next-to-last attempt at redeeming this blog spot:
from the versifier of bard creek valleyp.l. wick

Beneath clasped fingers of
   attending aspens
in the silence of the dark,
this last hushed pause
your spirit travels home.
I offer a prayer,
for your eternal rest.

carried aloft 
  on tearful spirals,
  in sweet-sage smoke,
to beyond
  the river of stars
                    p l wick

yowza!  - see you in moment -
ayaz daryl nielsen

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