Thursday, December 13, 2012

Carl Mayfield's poetry, Don Wentworth/Lillie

Blank Look #61

                                 One rogue apricot appears on the tree.
                                 She slices the fruit,  evenly.

                                  This is the way a thousand years
                                  slips quietly through our fingers.

                                                                                                                      Carl Mayfield

new collections of Carl Mayfield’s better-than-ayaz daryl-can-write poems are to be published by Don Wentworth/Lilliput Review - Don W and Lillie are foremost among the very best of blog homes/publications/harbingers for/of our desperate need of/for poetry
Don's support of Carl Mayfield and Carl’s poetry is a fine example of where we as poets/publishers/humans are/can/have/will to/must go -

Solstice: Coming Back To This Life

                 after dancing all day
                 the buffalo change
                 back into men
                 about four o’clock
                 as the fires are being tended
                 to warm their cold feet
                 still shuffling a little
                 using english to wish each other
                 merry christmas
                                                             Carl Mayfield

What I wanted -
Well. dust is quick 
to forget the busyness.
                                                              Carl Mayfield

 - see you in a moment - 

ayaz daryl nielsen  



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