Wednesday, December 26, 2012

#3: from the cover of bear creek haiku - proceed diligently! strong poetry turf !!

#3:  from the cover of  bear creek haiku - proceed diligently!  strong poetry turf !!

a mushroom caps  Margaret D McGee
       the old fence post
I will be what I will be

with her bra  Carl Mayfield
around my neck
let winter come

outside temple window  Judith Partin-Nielsen
   black shadow bows
      toward invisible altar

Why so tidy, owl,  James Green

   stooping to pick out debris

      from a fallow field?

fall colors  Margarita Engle
in a war year
yellow ribbons

End of day  Carl Mayfield
      light fading
  my shoes still untied

bear creek haiku
po box 3787
boulder co  80307   usa
is a 3” x 7” 48 page print pub.  Send poetry that will fit on the page (bch is cut and tape) via postal delivery with an SASE.  Coffee stains ok if you are a cab driver or an ink-splattered dakini giving birth to words.  Poets in countries other than the US can send poetry via above email (if you can). You live in the US and insist on sending your poetry by email? Well, ok.  Here’s how postal is - if no poetry is accepted, poems are returned within the SASE, otherwise, a postcard notifies you of accepted poems/will use SASE for your copy of the ish your poem(s) is/are in: remaining unaccepted poems, shredded (sounds cruel, but it’s done very gently and paper residue is handled in a very ‘green’ way) (term ‘green’, 10’s, of 2010‘s, residue).  Bch  exists on little (almost no) finances, without the use of your SASE’s, would not be able to pay for postage.  Have received ‘negative vibes’ (term represents 60’s residue) from a few poets who take exception to this ‘flow’ (70‘s residue), but, that’s just how things are here beside bear creek.  A lifetime subscription is $5 cash or a $5 check to Daryl Nielsen (gargantuous amounts, sent often, will also be graciously accepted) (gargantuous, 80‘s residue), if I don’t hear from you in a year or more via a poetry submission or some sort of ‘would like to keep my subscription’, will assume interest in bear creek haiku has lessened (what?!?).  Response time is usually less than two months, time your poem is in your mail box is usually less than three months, 6+ issues/year. (There was a period when response time was approximately three years, but that was then, and this is 2011)  Enough! If you have made it this far, then I will surely loose you by sharing a few of my own poems (am kidding you, just kidding!) (kidding, a term derived from happy goat farms). 
I love this blogging stuff. 

white roses  daughter   humming

autumn walk
through corn stubble
broken promises

As I sit
in silence
the scent 
of grin

evening meditation 
cricket sutra

Avaloketeshvara, a totally cool dude/dudette with unusually great compassion for all beings, and s/he worked and worked at relieving all types/sorts of suffering, and for a moment s/he actually did it - s/he staggered to the Buddha and said, ‘I did it’, and the Buddha revealed the suffering of the past, present, future of all sentient beings/realms/times/places, and as Avaloketeshvara saw this, 1,000 arms appeared on his/her body and s/he went right back to work - s/he is somewhere (everywhere?) right now doing his/her thing for all of us, and someday soon I hope to bump into him/her on some street corner and am able to ask how it all is going 

old iron bed frame
the lover my pillows
gossip about

opera aria   her fingers   my thigh 

Elm and 9th
a torn cardboard sign
I miss him

all the grandchildren
another great-grandchild
the old woman sighs

a full moon rising
from horizon’s trapdoor
now I can write

- see you in a moment -
ayaz daryl nielsen
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