Wednesday, December 26, 2012

#2: from the cover of bear creek haiku - proceed diligently! strong poetry turf !!

#2:  from the cover of  bear creek haiku - proceed diligently!  strong poetry turf !!

I was the tree.  Kelley Jean White
I sang windfall and night,
swallowed moonlight, grew.

let us doze instead  p l wick
and journey tomorrow
midst butterscotch pine.

A rin-tinny day  Jane Stuart
Rusty memories
Caught in gusts of wind

barn owls -  Aurora Antonovic
I dream about a
long-dead friend

float here  Emily Paskevics
         in lake-stillness
each day a wooden boat.

I run to the bus  Robert Wooten
at the bus stop waiting
whoever is there.

wrong number  Peggy Dugan French
you sounded so familiar

barn door  Phillip Howerton
opening and closing
for the wind

Owl wisdom:  eat the living,  Laurel Starkey
but their feet
will protest.

Bald Mountain  Judith Partin-Nielsen

God of Snow and Ice
of deep mountain Drifts
and gothic, sub-alpine Spruce
of high valley, frozen Silence
tiny, fern-like snow Flakes
lavender Light behind
the full Snow-moon.
Snow-capped Peaks
contours, crags, crevices
tiny particles of Grit
immensity of Rock and Cold
Arapahoe Vision
spirit-house Mountain
nation of Poets and Priests

     I wanted  Kelley Jean White
           to be
         a clear
 cold stream
       that you
  might drink
         and be

All my little legs  Don Wentworth
waving in the air, &,
yes, all your little legs, too.

From somewhere  p l wick
across might’s dark lake,
the soft lullaby of geese
downy comforters
around their clustered
saffron and sable babes.

bloody knuckles  Candi Cooper-Towler
but the toilet works

    Reviewing this (and the prior) post is/are joyishnesses! (it’s the season!) Future posts could be of poems on the 2nd and/or up to the 175th page of the past 111 issues of bear creek haiku!  (Well, no, bch has gone from 6 pages to 48 pages, am maybe somewhat carried away)
    For you and us, a most worthy, uplifted year’s end/new year! - may our poetic/writing/editorial and all endeavors flourish, surpassing every/anything we have created in depth/magnificence/...yowza, residue from eggnog at Karen G’s with other like-minded friends in Boulder yesterday eve?...nope - it’s (it being our creative/editorial/all endeavors and et cetera/depth/magnificence) sincere, honest, heart-core/heart-oriented is and - get this, and get this straight (after all, you’re on strong poetry turf) - simply will be.

see you in a moment -

ayaz daryl nielsen


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