Wednesday, December 26, 2012

#1: from the cover of bear creek haiku - proceed diligently! strong poetry turf !!

#1:  from the cover of  bear creek haiku - proceed diligently!  strong poetry turf !!

LISTENING  Dave Church

by the window,
leaves ripple --
being pulled ashore
at low tide.


The brown-tan squares
are less than they were

and the old woman hums
as she mops.

bare-breasted...  Kelly Federov
penning yet another
ode to kerouac

primordial contraction...
another ink-spattered dakini
giving birth to her words

quarter to midnight...
desolation angel lurking
in this empty bed

sushi rolls 
& cigarettes

Homesick  Jessie A Carty

Piece of me, a verse
crouches in another town
waiting, paw tucked.  Come.

suppertime  Darrell Lindsey
the tang of weeds
in the cow’s mild

all night  Denver Stull
under the street lamp
the mocking bird

this heat . . .  Giovanni Malito
rooster chasing a hen
s  l  o  w  l  y

his manuscript
crumpled in the corner
...still rustling

at the edge
of the pond
the splashes

Look at us  Lucille Gang Shulklapper
in our seventies,
wearing wrinkled love.

behind a veil of fog  Pete Lee
only the sun can lift:
the faithful moon

                                                                to my best friend’s husband
once upon a time  Bobbi Dykema Katsanis
a flower
with snow-kissed fruit
went weaving
her way
through the underground
of you.

farmer lady  Nina Buck

can’t see too good.
so you have to put the ones in front of the fives
and the tens behind a red business card,
twenties in a separate pouch.
but if you just do that
and get rid of the rotten cauliflower,
she gets on fine.

fresh-baked bread/seeing her again  Eva Alexander

born again    he married again

deep forest wind:  the ancient whisper

- pause! -
this (unexpected) poetic journey through heart and memory - Dave Church, Giovanni Malito and beloved Denver Stull have moved on - Eva Alexander last seen wandering around Prague (altho my info’s ten years old), have lost touch with Pete Lee (and with  so many other fine poets) - and poetry!  perhaps I will continue with posts of poetry from covers and currents of bear creek - now, Christmas with Judith, Frosty and 

see you in a moment -  ayaz daryl nielsen


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