Saturday, November 24, 2012

under the snowfall everything

under the snowfall   everything

                                           mouse sniffs
                                           quiet night air
                                           owl opens an eye

                         the loon’s evening call
                  lingering well
                  beyond the echo

lightning so bright

forty years
   a wanderer
      my own mapmaker

                               great-grandfather's diary 
                               upon the first page a lock of
                               great-grandmother's hair

your scent 
more than the
letter itself

(above poems have these following lovely homes - Lilliput Review, Shemom, California Quarterly, Shamrock, Magnapoets)

Greetings! (‘greetings’, much more than a salutation and a can become the draft notice which begins with ‘greetings’ and goes on to announce your being a new member of the US Army or the Marine Corps dependent on a number you’re given from 1 to 3)

ok, dude, focus!  Dude, as in Lebowski, thee dudearoonie of dudes - (too much turkey, perhaps) - spent Thanksgiving with my three nephews, Cody, 22, Zack, 20, and Ty, about to be 18, who live in favorite city Denver - three solid Dudes!!!

city streets
three thousand dollar rims
and new tattoos

of Nova Arjana (for Bayu and Milo)

Spring comes again
and our ships return
can we embrace what
they may bring
a season  a day
a moment

And she drank from the fountain of ancestors
and it wasn’t the taste of farmer’s tans
or factory hands or college classes
but of far-traveled roads and feet 
scented with the sacredness of life 
upon distant pathways fully pursued, 
engaged, caressed, embraced as
she danced her way home

and, last...does this post have a lucky wishbone aspect for those of you who (yoo-hoo!) stumble upon, trip over, or wash ashore in, of all places, this blogspot, and! especially for those of you who choose to visit?

So different
our faces
the shape
the words
beliefs and

so it is

and all
are given
this blessing

will now reconnoiter surroundings via an encounter with the fridge (leftovers include pecan pie and cherry cheesecake, which should work just fine as 4am snack especially since Judith and Frosty are sleeping) and finish this post after a few bites...


My smile seemingly
a little sillier

My voice softer

My poetry seeps from
deeper places

My wife lovelier
within her
increasing serenity.

- see you in a moment - ayaz daryl nielsen    (poems without names under them are the fault of ayaz dude daryl) 


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