Monday, November 5, 2012

Colorado - sacred sunset

Sunset upon Colorado’s high plains and the Rocky Mountains, Continental Divide and thirteeners and fourteeners and Bear Mountain and Devil’s Thumb and Desolation Peak and all etcetera included - heart/spirit weep, dance and/or sing within the Divine’s, the Tao’s, the dharma’s, however you choose (and/or have no need) to define the presence of shared and of individual blessings within a visible sacredness ... this sunset ...

The Heart Dance

Open your heart
   inside may be a sigh,
   a stone, a river,
   a golden throne
   or a sliver of ice
Come, open your heart!

Open your heart
   inside may be a stumble,
   a dance, grandmother’s lost 
   eyelash, or even
   empty yearning
Come, open your heart!

Open your heart
   inside, a drinking song,
   an immortal’s kiss, or even
   ink dark loneliness
Come, open your heart!

Come with your open heart
   we’ll whirl and zumba
   the dance of a found
   eyelash, of an immortal’s
   kiss, of an ice sliver
   melting, melting, melting

Come, heart of 
   all hearts

Come, beloved
   and dance

As the Heart of Spring

You will spread the wings of spring
You are the soft rain’s first blooms
And there will be legends about you
Legends of an enchanted beginning

see you in a moment - ayaz daryl nielsen

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