Thursday, October 25, 2012

first snowfall along Colorado's Front Range (the eastern side of the Rockies) - a forest fire deep in one of our rugged, remote areas continues to burn fueled by six foot (!) of dry underbrush, several heavy snowstorms are needed to actually dampen its spirits (humans aren't physically threatened, yet it is unaccessible by firefighters)

some poems, for you...

this far trail
under restless boots
the unknown

otter and 
sea gulls
an old boat 
upside down

early bird special
ranchers at the
Crane Hollow Cafe
discuss hay sheds
and slurp breakfast

So different
our faces

the shape
the words
beliefs and

so it is

yet all
are given
this blessing

see you in a moment - 

ayaz daryl nielsen

1 comment:

Unknown said...

across from Crane Hollow is Mary's Market! you gotta come to Hygiene CO just to experience Mary's Market! yowsa!