Friday, October 12, 2012

as bear creek haiku stated in Poet's Market and Blogging Along Tobacco Road, 'write, create your poetry - the heart, spirit, ancestors, readers, other poets, an occasional editor, etc, will benefit deeply' - and this, for me, summarizes the essence of haiku/senryu.  Within, beyond, underneath, before and after all poetry, there is haiku.  A poetic essence  within/without and embracing all ever-changing cultural, political, philosophical and analytical entities of the past, present and future.  An intertwined, mutually nourishing vibration - within ghazals, the essence of haiku, within haiku, the essence of ghazals - the same with sonnets, triolets, free verse, you name the 'form', the essence of haiku is there and vice versa.  Haiku, as with all poetry, is a beginning (which poets can always return to) - Red Pine says of Basho's teachings in Narrow Road to the Interior (and I paraphrase) 'learn, abide by the rules, and wham!  you are in the realms of ancients, elders, the young and as of yet unborn and beyond to the genuine, wondrously transcendent poetic of us, of ours, of your very own!' 


Your yearning is a peregrine
seeking, lost, and sought
From within your heart
exquisite longing raises 
lithe wings into terrains of 
emptiness, of divine rights 
melting into blood and 
passions, melting into holy 
mischiefs within the fierce 
wicked funhouse of poetry


living within awareness 
of our footsteps upon 
cement asphalt and earth, 
aware of the oneness 
within each and every 
step, as if all
are upon 

luck to your day's endeavors - ayaz daryl nielsen

and progress with bear creek haiku the anthology, featuring 35+ intimates of bear creek haiku, continues, hopefully to be completed before years end 

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yea for ayaz daryl, editor/poet/dude!