Saturday, October 27, 2012

a followup on last entry (which I didn't quite complete)
for those in other countries than the US who would choose to email poetry for consideration by bear creek haiku, the email address is    or

and, a sequence I have named warku -


not quite an adult
our youngest, a Marine
not quite a boy

young conscript 
trading his weapon for
a one-way ticket

familiar weapon
another khaki sunrise...
familiar weapon

popping corn
the haggard veteran

snowstorm -
homeless veterans gather
around a bottle

among the homeless
   so many
      service medals

the doorbell
her youngest’s
first tour of duty

(also, just realized haven't been giving credit where credit is due for the fine homes, print and online, that have published the poetry I am sharing in this blog - new verse news and Lynx have, in the past, accepted one or another of these poems - actually, I think maybe Barbaric Yawp did, too
(best quesses, am at the library and the records are at home  - gotta love libraries)

see you in a moment - ayaz daryl nielsen


Unknown said...

you go, deguy!

Unknown said...

libraries and used book stores! and the 29th street Apple store in Boulder beauteous Colorado!!