Saturday, December 7, 2019

Angelee Deodhar, Teresinka Pereira, Ajśa Zahirović, Rex Sexton and Rochelle, a sneaky bear, Sir Chris Faiers, Judith Partin-Nielsen, Cindy Rosmus, and, Juanita Torrence-Thompson...


Haiga! Poem by 
ayaz daryl nielsen, artist,
Angelee Deodhar...

assistant editor
Tama, mewing,
"You are loved
and remembered
by all,

          poets Teresinka Pereira, Ottawa Hills, Ohio, 
            and Ajśa Zahirović, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Sarajevo...  

poet Teresinka Pereira...             poet Ajśa Zahirović...

        PASSION                          You, in a far-away country!
                                           Stop by.
Time                                     The sky has many hues.
can't ever bend me down.
I have a panoramic tongue,           Ti u dalekoj zemlji!
hungry eyes                              Navrati,
and invisible feet:                       nebo je visêbojno.
I am in love!  

PAIXÁO                                   A good word uttered -
Nem o tempo                            It is life
pode impedir-me!                      In the eternal vessels.       
Tempo uma língua panorâmica,       
olhos famintos                          Lijepo rečena riječ
e pés invisíveis:                         život
estou apaixonada!                      u vječnim posudama.

             'Desert Flower', by Rex Sexton (for Rochelle)...
                               assistant editor Frosty, firmly stating,
                                        "We won't ever forget you, Rex..."

                  (snuck in by bear)          
          a poem by ayaz daryl nielsen...  

               The Heart Dance  

               Open your heart
                  inside may be a sigh,
                  a stone, a river,
                  a golden throne
                  or a sliver of ice
               Come, open your heart!
               Open your heart
                  inside may be a stumble,
                  a dance, grandmother’s lost
                  eyelash, or even
                  empty yearning
               Come, open your heart!
               Open your heart
                  inside, a drinking song,
                  an immortal’s kiss, or even
                  ink dark loneliness
               Come, open your heart!
               Come with your open heart
                  we’ll whirl and zumba
                  the dance of a found
                  eyelash, of an immortal’s
                  kiss, of an ice sliver
                  melting, melting, melting

                Come, heart of 
                  all hearts

                Come, beloved,

                   and dance.

annoying neighbor cat, insisting, "if a bear can sneak 
into this poetry post, so can a picture of me!"                     

noble assistant editor Kitty Kali, stating:
"Mister Editor, this is what you get for being sneaky..."

ok, noble assistants, no more sneakiness 
                    (without prior approval)

noble assistant editor Frosty, mewing,
       "poetry from a most favorite human
poet, and shaman, of Eel Pie Island Dharma fame        (a hippie memoir/haibun)
        Chris Faiers, Marmora, Ontario!"...

    After cold night
    scraping burnt commune rice pot
    on the lawn for birds

                  Making camp
                  in a vacant lot
                  with outcast cats

  (Frosty:  Blessings and belly rubs, Sir Faiers!)

   Balding father            Talked all night        Through thin walls
   hippie son                 ashes at dawn           radio blaring
   in an ancient pub        girls asleep              "It's All Right Now"

from our beloved Judith Partin-Nielsen, Longmont, Colorado,
poem that appeared in Yellow Mama (ed., precious Cindy Rosmus

          Poetry Everywhere                                                  

                                       for Courtney Love

          "I wrote poetry everywhere
           on the walls, on his shirt
           I wrote poetry everywhere"                             
           I couldn't stop                                        
           at night on the sheets in our bed
           in my sleep in my dreams
           I wrote poetry everywhere
           on my face the war paint
           (stirring up all kinds of trouble)
           I wrote poetry on the table cloth
           in Jax's Fish House
           a haiku surrounded by wine
           glasses, white napkins, red brick
           walls, green fish - tiny dots of
           blue light hanging from the 
           ceiling - Nick Forrester eating sushi
           at the next table
           I wrote poetry everywhere
           I wrote poetry in books
           that didn't belong to me, past due,
           checked in, checked out,
           on posters at the coffee 
           house, poetry notes on golden 
           peeling bathroom mirrors
           surprise tanka on the
           toilet seat
           I wrote poetry everywhere
           I wrote poetry on the stairs
           seven steps to the landing
           turn left.  Six more to your room.
           Listening to the blues, Muddy Waters
           wailing, sitting on the floor
           eating dates, drinking white wine.
           I wrote poetry everywhere.
           You made a pass, I didn't notice
           better to keep writing poetry   
           Flat on my face, flat on my
           ass, flat on my back
           just keep writing 

           poetry everywhere

       ...noble assistant editor Kitty Kali: 
                                      "Mister Editor, you sneaked again..."

                  poet Juanita Torrence-Thompson,
                                            Bayside, New York...
                Fallen leaves 
                Hug emerald grass                         
                Like a babe grasping a bottle             
                                             Soft winds transform
                                             Scarlet and golds                    
                                             Into dancing spirals of joy          
                                             Whispering and swishing
                                             To syncopated beats

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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

poets! Stephanie Hiteshew, Vernon Odam, Rumi, James B. Peters, Teresinka Pereira, Haris Ichwan, Robert Gniewek, t. kilgore splake, Toma Rosen, Judith Partin-Nielsen, and, Patricia Carragon!

noble assistant editor
  Kitty Kali: "Poetry!"                 

poet Stephanie Hiteshew
Columbia, Maryland...

     Her Silky Web

     The spider weaves
     her silky web
     on a party-throwing-
     back porch,
     and unscathed.

              poet RUMI...

            When you
            do things from
            the soul,
            you feel a
            river moving
            in you, 
            a joy

poet James B. Peters,
              Cottontown, Tennessee...


  Just a minute
  As mom catches the boy
  With his hand in the cookie jar

              Just a minute
              As the doctor
              Writes the prescription

  Just a minute
  As the policeman
  Checks your license

                Just a minute
                As the telephone rings
                During a conversation

   Just a minute
   As another haiku

        poet Teresinka Pereira
           Ottawa Hills, Ohio...

        To be fair to family
        and friends
        we celebrate
        every year
        eating together
        the traditional turkey.

        I celebrate "work"
        and the energy,
        talent and joy
        it gives us
        with the hope
        for prosperity
        and still searching
        for happiness
        in our prayers. 

poet Robert Gniewek,
Black Lick, Pennsylvania...                                artist Haris Ichwan                                 
God has responsibilities - justice had

occurred,                                            poet t. kilgore splake
                                                       Calumet, Michigan...
no one to see            
                                                     reading poem to himself
                  silent, unheard sounds                                  
                   gentle music of soul

 poet toma rosen,
       Mt. Baldy Zen Center, California

          except for the very apex
          of his hat--
          his emerald green hat--
          the garden gnome   now
          stands buried in white.

          through the frosted window
          I observe his predicament
          trying to ignore
          my slush-muckin' boots and
          dented snow shovel--
          stored in
              the porch corner...

        poet Judith Partin-Nielsen,          
        longmont, Colorado...                  
                                                   poet Patricia Carragon,
        Winter Buddha                          Brooklyn, New York                         
        Statue of Buddha                       feline etiquette
        sits peacefully                          humans must cater to cats
        beside the front door                  never vice versa
        now wearing a crown                  
        of freshly blown snow

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Friday, November 22, 2019

poets Adrian Bouter, Kitsuné, Corey Cook, Alan Catlin, Paula Yup, Patricia Carragon, Judith Partin-Nielsen, t. kilgore splake, Vanessa Kittle!

Noble assistant editors Frosty and Tamamewing, "A poetry thanksgiving post, Mister Editor!  We'll give thanks for poetry by presenting poems from favorite poets! And then! Treats and belly rubs for all!"

                   poet Adrian Bouter, the Netherlands...

          blue highways
          a red van slowly vanishing        wintertime
                                                 her tan lines clearly fading

        poet Kitsuné, Hwy. 1 road-trip, California...              

                           a yellow balloon
                           floating away --
                           traveling home
                             with the clouds

        poet Corey Cook, East Thetford, Vermont...

         in his lapel

         a heart-shaped leaf

         golden anniversary

                                     small cloud idles

                                     behind tree's bare branches

                                     restores canopy

         poet Alan Catlin, Schenectady, New York...


                       Crow gather in the Hollow
                       every day at 4 p.m.,
                       moving from tree to tree,
                       calling out as they go,
                       moving as one.
                       Who is the time-keeper?


      artist and poet Paula Yup, Spokane, Washington...

                  ALMOST HOME

                  on the bus
                  headed to my apartment
                  where my husband's paintings
                  grace the walls
                  while outside it rains
                  I'm raining  too

      poet Patricia Carragon, Brooklyn, New York...

   kitty rubs
   against your legs           faucet waterfall
   free massage                thinking of cats and haiku
                                  while I brush my teeth

                 Noble Assistant Editor Frosty, mewing,
   "As always will be, we all love's that Brooklyn girl!

And here's our very own poet, Judith Partin-Nielsen!"...

      things unfold 
      as they do              wanting to go home
      and even in that       longing toward that place
      there is                  now only remembered
      a special beauty
                                 still, I see the horizon

        poet t. kilgore splake, Calumet, Michigan...

                  graybeard's new poem          others lost in dreams
                  rising above mountains         you just went ahead
                     lost in rainbow sky          started writing poetry

                          poet Vanessa Kittle, Arvada, Colorado...
                               She lives in winter white sheets
                               surrounded by snow
                               cheeks blushing with the frost
                               they are cherry blossoms

see you in a moment...

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                bear creek haiku
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